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Leg Invest Sarl is among the prominent sorghum seeds exporters in Africa. Our Head Quarter is located in Cameroon, and we are supplying and exporting sorghum seeds for 13 years. Our primary agricultural products include African locust beans, avocado pea, Aloe Vera, Bambara groundnut, cashew nuts, castor oil and others. To know further products that we offer, kindly click the “Products” section.

Sorghum is believed as one of Africa’s supreme contributions to the diversity of the world’s agriculture. Sorghum is a traditional crop in South Africa. Drought tolerant and adaptable, varieties of sorghum seeds exist that provide sweet syrup, animal fodder, and grain. Sometimes, farmers get multiple crops of sorghum from one planting. The primary prerequisite is to harvest sorghum. Cultivation of sorghum requires a half-inch deep with two weeks after spring frosts are done and the soil gets warm. Moisture with ordinary garden soil are adequate for getting a crop, although sorghum seed may prove to be productive under better conditions. Seeds are ripe almost with the same time with a sugar content of the stalks achieves its maximum length.

It is heartening for sorghum seeds exporters that Sorghum seed is the fifth main staple cereal after barley, maize, rice and wheat. It is ploughed in warmer conditions worldwide. It is a chief crop in the areas called as semi-arid tropic found in Africa, Central America and Asia.

Quality Sorghum Seeds Exporters

Companies use sorghum seeds for the manufacturing of alcoholic drinks, including liquors and beers. A few variations of sorghum are used in leather making and textile dyeing.

For our portfolio of sorghum seeds, we have accessed to germplasm from around Africa to offer the market the varieties of supreme field performance with essential attributes like disease and insect resistance, harvest ability, seed quality and resistance to extreme conditions like drought. Sorghum is grown in dry areas; therefore yield, stand ability, drought tolerance, and disease resistance are critical characteristics for sorghum suppliers like us.

We export seeds to process from our state-of-the-art factories situated in various parts of Africa which produce sorghum seeds. We supply sorghum and powder with a range of products. We provide grains and cocoa products that suit our customers’ needs. We have in-house Quality Assurance (QA) facilities for testing quality production and the development of the final product to the required criteria. While building the African value chain in agriculture through collaborative sourcing and exporting of agricultural products, we are conscious of meeting specified demands as well as customer satisfaction.

We assure you that your export contract with us as compared to other sorghum seeds exporters will convert into long-term export relations. We deliver products satisfactorily into your warehouse because we have reliable local supply arrangements.

So, to select adequate and reliable suppliers among various sorghum seeds exporters in Africa, Leg Invest Sarl is the only choice for you.

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