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Best Sesame Seeds Exporters


Leg Invest Sarl is one of the best sesame seeds exporters in Africa. We are led by a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur Mrs Laoudji Edwige. We supply agricultural products and other raw materials to European and Asian manufacturers.

We are headquartered in Cameroon. We are considered as a top-notch company for supplying and exporting sesame seeds for more than 13 years. Our major products include African locust beans, avocado pea, Aloe Vera, Bambara groundnut, cashew nuts, castor oil and others. To know more of other products, kindly click the “Products” tab.Sesame seeds exporters believe sesame as one of the initial known seeds known to humankind. These seeds are widely employed in traditional medicines as well as culinary for their curative, preventive and nutritive qualities.

Sesame is a fundamental source of phytonutrients, including vitamins, dietary fiber, flavonoid phenolic anti-oxidants, and omega-6 fatty acids. Sesame is a natural cure for cancer, and it has abundant health-promoting characteristics.

Sesame seed is extracted from a plant which is a tall herb in the Pedaliaceae family, which grows in Asia, extensively. The countries in Asia include India, China, and Burma. Sesame is also among the leading commercial crops in Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria.

Why Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds have health benefiting compounds like sesamol, guaiacol, sesaminol etc. Sesaminol and sesamol are phenolic anti-oxidants. Sesame seeds are among the abundant minerals and contain quality vitamins. They provide an excellent source of vitamin B like folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and pyridoxine.

From sesame seeds exporters viewpoint, sesame seeds comprise of a significant portion of unsaturated fats. Therefore, they should be stored in containers which are airtight for the avoidance of turning rancid. End consumers must place the seeds in cold and dark place. If they are adequately stored, dry sesame seeds remain fresh for many days. Hulled white sesame beans should be stored inside the refrigerator.

Our sesame seeds are readily available in different spice stores around the globe. You may pick whole, air dried, husked, and toasted seeds in those stores. Our supplied sesame seeds are provided in yellow, brown, black or white colors, packed inside air-sealed packs as well as in bins.

We export sesame seeds to various parts of Africa. We deliver beans with a range of products. We supply our seeds-related products that suit our customers’ needs. We have our Quality Assurance (QA) facilities for testing quality and the development of the final product to the required criteria.

With more than a decade of hard work and teamwork across the value chain in agricultural products, our target is to claim the top position among the sesame seeds exporters in Africa.

To select the best and reliable suppliers among various sesame seeds suppliers in Africa, Leg Invest Sarl is the right choice for you.

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