October 25, 2019
October 25, 2019

Quality Cowpea Seeds Exporters in Africa


Leg Invest Sarl is one of the best cowpea seeds exporters in Africa. We are headquartered in Cameroon. We are considered as a top company for supplying and exporting cowpea seeds for over 13 years.We are led by a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur Mrs Laoudji Edwige. We supply agricultural products and other raw materials to European and Asian manufacturers.Our primary products include African locust beans, avocado pea, Aloe Vera, Bambara groundnut, cashew nuts, castor oil and others.

Cowpea is among the popular grain legumes all over Africa along with some parts of Asia and America. Cowpea is also referred to as “black-eyed pea” because of its brown or brown-ringed phylum. For cowpea seeds exporters, cowpea is also called a ‘hungry season crop’ because it is the initial crop which is harvested even before the cereal crops.

It is fresh for dried seeds. Leaves and pods are mostly used as human foods. Cowpea is highly valuable as food and is occasionally used for feeding livestock. Cowpea has unusual flexibility as its usage. Farmers can select it to harvest it for grains or to harvest forage for livestock. All the usages depend upon climatological or economic obstacles. Byproducts of cowpea such as cowpea hulls and cowpea seed waste have been used for the replacement of traditional feedstuffs in few developing countries.

Best Cowpea Seeds Exporters

Our cowpea seeds are usable in every stage of growth as a vegetable crop. The green leaves are a vital source in Africa, and they are prepared as the pot herb like spinach. Green cowpea seeds are boiled in the form of fresh vegetable or may be frozen or canned. Mature dry-seeds are suitable for canning and boiling.

Seeds are harvested as cowpea seeds exporters at three stages of maturity: dry, green-mature and green snaps. Based on temperature, green mature or fresh market peas remain ready to harvest for 16 to 17 days after bloom. For green snap pods, a harvest date is determined by the processor. Mechanical harvest requires the usage of snap bean or green pea harvester. Our domestic cowpea production is harvested mechanically as well as through hands. Hand harvesting causes less damage, and the harvesting season may continue to more than 20 days period.

We export cowpea seeds to process from world-class factories situated in various parts of Africa which produce cocoa beans. We deliver beans with a range of products. We supply our products that suit our customers’ needs. We have in-house Quality Assurance (QA) facilities for testing quality production and the development of the final product to the required criteria.

With over a decade of collaboration and teamwork across the value chain in agricultural products, we aim to grab the top position among the cowpea seeds exporters in Africa.

If you are shortlisting reliable cowpea seeds suppliers, Leg Invest Sarl is the safest bet for you.

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