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Leg Invest Sarl is one of the largest cocoa beans exporters in Africa. Our Head Quarter is situated in Cameroon and we are supplying and exporting cocoa beans for 13 years.We are led by a passionate and ambitious business entrepreneur Mrs. Laoudji Edwige. We supply agricultural products and other raw materials to European and Asian manufacturers.
Cocoa is an extremely concentrated powder made up of chocolate liquor. Cocoa is a paste made from cocoa beans, which is a fruit of cacao. The cocoa bean is a seed extracted from the cacao tree, a tropical plant found in the equatorial regions of the US. Fluid paste or liquor comes from the processed cocoa bean. Chocolate and cocoa powder is made from that paste. Chocolate is sold directly to the customers as long bars of eating chocolate.
Confectionery companies also use the cocoa bean as a coating for bulk or boxed chocolate and candy bars. Bakery item manufacturers and bakers also use theses beans for coating several types of cakes and cookies. Cocoa powder from the seeds is extensively used for flavoring food items and for giving flavor to chocolate products as chocolate milk, processed cake mixes, toppings, and syrups and in pharmaceutical products.

Quality Cocoa Beans Exporters

To deliver quality to our customers begin with a significant presence of origin where cocoa beans are naturally present. To be the best among various cocoa beans exporters, we check every step of the process, from extracting the best cocoa beans all the way to the finished products on the shelf, has the oversight of the experienced team. That’s why our customers know that they are getting proven quality beans.
The Leg Invest Sarl research teams travel extensively across cocoa growing crops for making predictions on crop size.
Each bag of beans we export samples and passes through the analysis for moisture content, with a sample per van. Further, it is analyzed on the parameters on physical quantities alongside bean count, slate, mold, moisture. In addition to this, a batch per export gets through the evaluation of fat content and the pH balance.
As we are among prominent cocoa beans exporters, we export beans to process from world-class factories located in different parts of Africa which produce cocoa beans. We deliver beans with a range of products. We supply cocoa products that suit our customers’ needs. We have in-house Quality Assurance (QA) facilities for testing quality production and the development of the final product to the required criteria.
Our aim is to grab the top position among the cocoa beans exporters in Africa. With over a decade of collaboration and teamwork across the value chain in agricultural products, we have acquired rich experience to ensure quality supply.
We assure you that your export contract with Leg Invest Sarl, mainly long-term export will be a hassle-free journey because we have a reliable supply arrangement.

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