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October 25, 2019

African Locust Beans



The African Locust Beans (Parkia biglobosa its scientific name), this plant in all the African savannah can be recognized especially by its fruits that are of long pods containing many black seeds coated with yellow pulp. The Leunne is one of the most popular plants in northern Cameroon for its many virtues.

Composition and nutritional value of African Locust Beans


Flour of African Locust Beans provides all essential amino acids in the body. The African Locust Beans contains iron and vitamin C, which reduces the risk of scurvy.


This plant brings many nutrients: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, various vitamins and iodine. It thus constitutes a very important source in terms of food quality and nutrition.

Properties of African Locust Beans :

The African Locust Beans has anti-gonorrhoeal properties, neuralgic, diuretic, antipyretic, tonic, antiseptic and wormers. The bark and roots of this plant are prescribed to treat infertility, venereal disease, bronchitis, hepatitis and leprosy. steam bath in the sheets enter the treatment of febrile states and intestinal parasites.

One can use the African Locust Beans :

  • – For seasoning sauces (Its seeds rich in fat used to make a vegetable cheese);
  • – To make the juice;
  • – Like coffee substitute;
  • – As natural Maggic cube;
  • – As seasoning flavor meals, obtained after processing of its seeds.
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