fenugreek oil

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September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019

Medicinal properties of Fenugreek oil Fenugreek is: – Toning: help energize, strengthen the body and increase muscle mass.  – Stimulating: stimule the immune system, digestion and metabolism. – Diuretic: to cleanse and purify the body. –Anti-inflammatory – Hypoglycaemic – Aphrodisiacs He helps stimulate sexual desire and libido. – Soothing He relieves headaches, sunburn and minor burns. – lipid-lowering He participates in the reduction of lipid levels in the blood. – emollient He helps against respiratory type infections. – stomachic He relieves stomach disorders (ulcers, burns). – Preventative : It helps prevent certain cancers. – Draining He participates in the reduction of cellulite and helps fight water retention. – galactogenic : It stimulates the flow of milk in nursing mothers.

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