We are LEG INVEST SARL a supply and logistics company headquartered in Cameroon with over 13 years of business engagements in distribution of food relief to refugees and internally displaced people on behalf of Presidency of Cameroon and supply of food products to World Food Program and MINUSCA (UN MISSION FOR CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLIC). We are now reposition a an Africa-focused export and import company setting up expanding through subsidiaries in West, East and Central African countries for export of raw materials goods from agriculture, solid minerals and petroleum.
Led by an ambitious and passionate business woman, Mrs Laoudji Edwige, we aim to pursue top position as African Exporter supplying agricultural products and other raw materials to European and Asian manufacturers.
We are passionate to build and grow African value chain by boosting capacity for export of specification-based agriculture products.

Our Journey

With over ten years of teamwork and collaboration across the agriculture value chain, we have requisite experience to ensure product quality according to specifications and certification as well as dependable supply arrangement for most agricultural products. We assure that your export contract with us especially long-term export will be delivered satisfactorily because we have reliable local supply arrangements